Process and Control Today | ABB softstarter technology supports initiative to clean and protect the Ganges River

2022-11-07 18:43:01 By : Mr. Stephen Wang

Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, is a historical city that is home to around 1.1 million people. As one of the most visited destinations in India, the city receives around 8.9 million visitors each year. A growing population and the year-round flow of tourists are stretching the city’s water resources beyond their capacity, affecting the sustainability of the holy Ganga (Ganges) River.

Jal Kal Department, responsible for Varanasi’s water supply, is working with ABB on measures to make water supplies to the city reliable and energy efficient. A key part of work to achieve better water management operations is the installation of ABB softstarters at Varanasi’s pumping station and sewage treatment plants (STPs). Vfd Inverter 0-200kw

Process and Control Today | ABB softstarter technology supports initiative to clean and protect the Ganges River

With the residents of Varanasi and millions of tourists visiting this holy city, the increasing demand for water creates numerous supply management challenges. ABB’s technology helps Jal Kal meet these challenges and ensures an uninterrupted clean water supply. With leakages and pipeline damage being a major concern, ABB’s smart applications make it easier to maintain smooth, safe and optimized operations.

ABB’s smart softstarter technology enables uninterrupted water supply to around 60 percent of the city and effective pumping of treated water at its STPs, supporting India’s ‘Namami Gange’ program to clean and protect the Ganga River.

“For Jal Kal Varanasi, our objective was to enable safe and reliable water supply operations,” said Kiran Dutt, President, Electrification Business, ABB India. “With smart technology and state-of-the-art products, we were able to support the Jal Kal team in their endeavor to increase water supply reliability, motor lifespan and lower maintenance costs. Given the critical challenges faced by the water supply bodies, we are pleased to provide electrification solutions that support our stakeholders in meeting them.”

ABB Softstarters reduce water leaks

Varanasi’s water pumping station relies on a century-old 250 megaliter per day MLD water treatment plant for its water supply with pipe bursts and leakages causing frequent water distribution issues. ABB Softstarters ensure smooth water movement and eliminate pressure surges, helping to minimize leaks and prevent pipe bursts. Their built-in torque control feature eliminates water hammering and wear on pipes and valves when starting and stopping pumps.

ABB Softstarters also offer a range of additional smart control functions that keep pipes and pumps clean and prevent dry running, reducing mechanical stresses and helping processes operate at their full potential for longer. As an all-in-one device with contactors and bypass protections fully integrated, installation and set-up are easy. A built-in display makes it simple for users to understand and manage their installation.

Supporting ‘Namami Gange’ Program for clean Gange

Varanasi generates about 300 million liters of sewage per day. The Indian government’s ‘Namami Gange’ program is a comprehensive initiative to clean the holy river by diverting the major drains flowing into the Gange into sewage treatment plants (STPs) to prevent pollution. ABB India’s Softstarters support the ‘Namami Gange’ program by efficiently pumping the clean, treated water into the river. 

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Process and Control Today | ABB softstarter technology supports initiative to clean and protect the Ganges River

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