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Sunday, September 11, 2022 11:30 p.m. - Dart News from dartn.deThe German Darts Open 2022 in Jena has been decided.In the final, reigning world champion Peter Wright was crowned the winner, beating Dimitri van den Bergh 8:6.Wright previously played 100+ point averages against both Ross Smith and Joe Cullen.The injured Dimitri van den Bergh prevailed against Krzysztof Ratajski and José de Sousa.A match developed between Joe Cullen and Luke Humphries with ups and downs on both sides.Ultimately, Humphries lost in the deciding leg and Cullen stayed in contention after his Budapest win the previous week.Humphries started in 14 darts and followed up with a 112 finish, but then missed his chances and lost the third leg.However, he immediately went 3-1 up again, Cullen improved significantly with an 11-darter for the first time.The next leg was marked by double problems, only in 24 darts did Cullen equalize.From now on everything stayed in line, Humphries checked 106 to make it 5:4.However, "Cool Hand Luke" was anything but cool with the match darts, he missed four times and Cullen went into the decider.There the "rock star" checked 67 points to win, even if he was previously irritated by a fly.A 100 average by Peter Wright sealed the end of Ross Smith, who had to face the danger of a whitewash for a long time.The first four legs all went to "Snakebite", who opened with a 108 finish.In 18 darts, the Scot made it 2-0 before Wright excelled with a 10-darter.Smith landed on Madhouse in leg 4 and took the 4-0, but then avoided going through with a 106 finish.In 11 darts, the reigning world champion got the 5:1, the "Smudger" countered with the 96 finish.On the D7, however, Wright converted his third match dart.The game between Gerwyn Price and José de Sousa was high quality and exciting.Both had match darts, but in the end it was the Portuguese who took the win.The match was completely balanced up to 2:2, there were no breaks.After that, de Sousa scored well, but only finished in round 7 to make it 3:2 with his own throw.Price equalized and then struck with six perfect darts.In the end, it was an 11-darter for Iceman's first lead.The Welshman also made it 5-3 on double 10, but that wasn't enough.In 13 and 15 darts "The Special One" played into the decider, Price could only get to 40 rest.A 99 finish left Price on tops for the match and de Sousa came around the corner with a 126 finish and won the game.In addition, Krzysztof Ratajski had to bow out in the quarter-finals.In the meantime, the Pole had a meager double quota of 7%, so you can't win against Dimitri van den Bergh with that.Even if both played an average of around 90, the "Dream Maker" was quite confidently ahead with 6:3.Van den Bergh started in 23 darts and then checked 112 to make it 2-0.Leg No. 3 also went to the Belgian, Ratajski then went through his first leg with a 14-darter.Three missed check darts cost the Pole the connection, van den Bergh deleted 125. After that, the Belgian went into a bit of a crisis, which Ratajski used to make it 3: 4.Ratajski got the chance for Bull to equalize, but didn't use it.Two 15-darters let van den Bergh end the game.Joe Cullen didn't get close to his good level in the semifinals, an 85 average was clearly not enough.Peter Wright improved again slightly compared to the quarterfinals.Both players initially got their throw through in the sixth round, even up to the 2:2 there was still no decisive moment.In 11 and 15 darts "Snakebite" increased the number of shots, which was too much for Cullen at that moment.He countered with a 135 finish, Wright countered with 12 arrows.Cullen shortened again in the sixth round.A 77 finish left Cullen in leg #11 and Wright took full advantage of that to win the match.Cullen was left with four legs won.The second semi-final between José de Sousa and Dimitri van den Bergh started late because the Belgian was struggling with health issues.But after a medical examination, it all started.The "Dream Maker" didn't feel particularly good after the body language, but with 7:3 the victory was very comfortable.De Sousa didn't get past an 85 average.In 14 and 15 darts, the first two legs went to Belgium, de Sousa checked in 24 darts to make it 1-2.Both then got their throw through in round 6.Van den Bergh finished in 16 darts but then missed a 121 finish to make it 4-3.In 13 and 16 darts, the "Dream Maker" finally pulled away, on the D8 he got the win.In the case of de Sousa, neither the score nor the doubles were convincing.The final between Dimitri van den Bergh and Peter Wright was definitely explosive.In the last few months there has been an ice age between the two, not least the "Dream Maker" gave an interview about it just last week.After the game, however, there was a warm exchange.Van den Bergh took the first leg in 14 darts, his opponent checked 120 to equalize.In 18 darts van den Bergh was back in front, Wright followed with a 160 finish for 15 darts."Snakebite" then went for the 10-darter on bull, so he went straight for it.But Van den Bergh managed to equalize again.After a 15-darter, the Belgian made the important break to make it 5:3, but Wright got it back on the D9.With a 15-darter, Wright made it 5-5 again.Wright got the break on double 16 in Round 5. Van den Bergh checked 92 points to a 12-darter, but Wright played a 15-darter to make it 7-6.The Scot was only one leg away from winning the tournament, which he promptly won in 13 darts.It continues from Friday to Sunday with the World Series of Darts Finals in Amsterdam.DAZN and Sport1 broadcast the event live.Sunday 9/4/2022: Evening Session: Quarterfinals: Luke Humphries 5-6 Joe Cullen (92.16 - 91.29) Peter Wright 6-2 Ross Smith (100.85 - 87.68) Gerwyn Price 5-6 José de Sousa (100.45 - 95.71) Krzysztof Ratajski 3-6 Dimitri van den Bergh (89.89 - 91.74)Semifinals: Joe Cullen 4-7 Peter Wright (85.11 - 101.71) Jose de Sousa 3-7 Dimitri van den Bergh (85.39 - 95.07)Final: Peter Wright 8-6 Dimitri van den Bergh (99.75 - 92.74)A total of £140,000 will be up for grabs per tournament, with the winner taking home £25,000 (approx. €30,000).Winner: £25,000 Runner-up: £10,000 Semi-finals: £6,500 Quarter-finals: £5,000 Round of 16: £3,000 2nd round: £2,000 1st round: £1,000 Total: £140,0002022 DAZN shows all tournaments of the European Tour LIVE and in HD.The events can be followed as a stream on smart TV, smartphone, PC, laptop and tablet.DAZN shows all major tournaments as well as the World Series and the European Tour.Missed games can be watched again at any time in re-live mode.To order: information about the German Darts Open [tournament page] All information about the European Tour 2022 [tournament page] For discussions and questions about the tournament [Dart Forum] Photo credit: Kais Bodensieck (PDC Europe)Source: PDC - www.pdc.tvback to overview: Dart News from |RSS feed© 2022 - Imprint - Contact - Editorial team - Disclaimer - Data protection