How to get your windows sparkling

2023-02-15 18:19:21 By : Mr. Tongqing Wang

It's not until the clocks change that we realise how much natural sunlight can affect our health and wellbeing. Whether you're working by your window at home or looking out at your neighbourhood while you drink your morning coffee, you don't want dust and fingerprints on your panes to spoil your good mood!

This chore doesn't need to take up hours of your time — here's our simple guide to cleaning your windows. Computer Screen Cleaning Cloth

How to get your windows sparkling

As with a car, you should avoid cleaning your windows on hot, sunny days. The heat will make the glass dry too quickly and cause smears, undoing all your hard work.

To do a proper job, take down curtains and blinds and clear windowsills of clutter. Use a dustpan and brush or your vacuum's upholstery tool to remove cobwebs and dust before washing.

Dip a lint-free cloth in a branded mould remover (or spray one onto the cloth), then use this to give your window frames a thorough clean. The GHI experts recommend HG Mould Spray.

Alternatively, you could use a weak solution of household bleach.

Use a branded window cleaner or create your own by mixing a solution of one part distilled white vinegar to nine parts water in an old spray bottle. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the panes and a chamois leather to buff them to a brilliant shine.

GHI Tip: Vinegar is an age-old wonder and has the added benefit of being non-toxic and antibacterial, so a very handy product to have in your cupboard — and not just for your chips!

You could also try adding dishwasher rinse aid to water when you wash your windows, to ensure a streak-free finish.

The GHI also highly rates the e-cloth Window Pack of cleaning cloths. Simply add water, no chemicals required.

If you have large areas of glass to clean, such as a conservatory or patio doors, it’s worth considering a window vacuum, to save your energy. Once you've cleaned your windows, they vacuum up the remaining water in one sweep, making them far less messy than a squeegee which will result in water dripping onto your floors!

Dust the internal sills regularly, taking time to get into any nooks or crannies that may need extra attention.

If you have metal window screens, write a number on each window in erasable pencil. Write a corresponding number on the screen before removing it from the window so you know which screen goes back where.

Remove the screens and dust the mesh and frame with the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Scrub both sides of the screen with a stiff brush dipped in detergent solution (if you are doing this in the bath, line it with towels to prevent scratching the finish). Rinse using a shower attachment or the fine spray nozzle of a hosepipe. Leave to dry thoroughly in a sunny spot before refitting to the window.

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How to get your windows sparkling

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